This is why I prefer online casino over the land-based ones

Online casino

Before I set out to ask questions to others I thought a little retrospection was in place. So, I asked myself what it was about online casinos that were so endearing.


Have you been noticing the number of online casinos that are mushrooming across the internet and thinking to yourself, how come something that was not even heard of a little over a decade ago is so popular today?

My Thought

Exactly my thoughts and so with this doubt in mind, I set about to answer a few other prominent doubts that had been troubling me since I became a connoisseur of online casinos myself!

For me, it was mainly convenience

I was working full time and I was supplementing my income with a part-time editing and proofreading job in order to create a corpus for my further studies. I wanted to be able to finish my doctorate and I did not see much point in acquiring another student loan especially with one in the fray and still working to pay it. For days, I would be engrossed in work and not bother to even step out of the house for a drink or a whiff of fresh air. Sometimes, the deadlines were killing and back to back and yet I could manage to finish work just in time. needless to say, I was quite stressed but I could not by any means walk out of the door to even relax a little because even a little work that was accumulating would become too much to be able to finish in the designated time frame.

Yes, I was overworking but I was not killing myself!

Before you turn judgmental, let me tell you that my work at the office and then the proofreading work that I did to supplement my income were both the jobs that I loved to do and thoroughly enjoyed. At times they would be stressful but I loved my work and so it kept me going. Now, one day, I was feeling lucky but I did not have the energy to dress up and be to the casino The casino is at least 15 miles from my place of stay and even if I had dragged myself out, I knew I would have been so tired that I would not have been myself at the games. So, I decided against stepping out and logged on to the internet in order to play tetra! And guess what I accidentally log on to? My search instead gets directly to an online casino and I am like wow! The website was so well designed and colorful and cute that I could not contain my curiosity. I read the home page and rushed in to create my account.

The fabulous surprises that I get!

On opening an account, I am awed with an equal amount of money in my account. Apparently, the website has gifted me with a welcome bonus which is exactly the amount that I have opened the account with. I was so impressed with the magnanimity that I swear that this is going to be the next big thing in my life.

The games are great:

There were not one or two or ten games, there were at least a hundred games and most of them were a variation of my favorite games at the table. At one moment it looked like a dream come true. I literally had to pinch myself to see if I was awake or dreaming. I have been a loyal online casino fan right from that day! I can tell you that day my life changed. I could sit at home and decide what time to relax and I had to just log into the internet; no getting dressed, no negotiating heavy traffic nothing!

Once I called all my friends home for a night out and we played till the wee hours and guess what! We were all on a winning streak. It felt so much fun to be able to have the best of both the worlds!

Company principles

We welcome you! Do you want to bust your stress and within the comforts of your home itself? If you are a gambling connoisseur but you hate to dress up and go, allow us to bring the casino to you right in the comfort of your own home. We have been one of the pioneers in online casinos and we are twenty already and counting!

There is so much that we have to offer to our guests:

Unlike a land-based casino, our casinos are ready to welcome you at any time of the day or night. The software that we employ is able to cater to millions of guests who can choose to log in all at the same time. so, when we are talking about hosting you at any time of the day or night, we mean it because online casinos never ever sleep. We belong to a rare breed of online casinos that treat their guests like royalty. This is because we truly understand that we are in business only because of your patronage. We are nothing without you and to serve you and make sure you have a good time is our prime lookout.

We have streamlined all our features:

Regular maintenance and update of our gaming software mean that you get a smooth experience while playing there. We have streamlined payment options to include so many more ways in which you can deposit cash into your paying account.

A number of games:

As to the number of games that is available to us, we stand the undisputed leaders even today. We have more than five thousand games on the software and are continuously striving to bring the best of what is still left to be done. We want to let you have some of the best moments in life with us!